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Weather in Pentwater, MI


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Pentwater is an historic village on the western shore of Michigan. Spend your time in a quaint village where almost everything is within walking distance of the marinas, shopping, dining, parks, public beach and Village Green.  

The members of the Pentwater Chamber of Commerce are a diverse and dynamic group of individuals, business owners, and organizations. The task of the Chamber is to provide all the tools and means to promote Pentwater and its surrounding area both within and out of Michigan.



Executive Director's Corner:

Pentwater, one of the most scenic, quaint towns in northwest Michigan.  It has been the town’s fortune to have preserved this special way of life that values the sense of community, small town living, and beautiful sites.

Pentwater offers something for everyone.  As the Chamber of Commerce director, I look forward to assisting you and your family/friends to enjoy the town to the fullest.  Whether you walk, drive, bike, roll, hop, skip, or jump on Hancock Street, you’ll find a variety of businesses, shops, and restaurants in the area.   If you’re returning to visit, please see our new businesses that have opened, and always be sure to stop by your favorites. 

Being the chamber director, I realized our winter and spring events have definitely prepared me for an activity filled summer.  Everyone has their preferred seasons, places, and things to do, but I hope Pentwater will always have a special place in your heart.  It has in mine as well as many people I know.  Living here as the 4th generation representing the Gregwer name (maybe it’s the 5th, you better ask around), I am proud to play a contributing role for the town. 

Everyone asks me what the chamber does for Pentwater; my answer is always the same.  The Pentwater Chamber of Commerce makes sure it doesn’t rain on Homecoming.  Oh, I guess it doesn’t have that sort of power; I just like to think so.  The goal objectives of the Pentwater Chamber of Commerce are to develop, encourage, promote and protect the commercial, financial, professional and general business interests of Pentwater.  It also promotes the civic interests and general welfare of the community.   The chamber hosts a variety of events with the assistance of many volunteers and local business sponsorships.  It’s quite a lot. I like to think it encourages everyone to keep the spirit of Pentwater alive and well in your hearts.   

You’ll always find my heart in Pentwater.  Stop by the chamber for information about what fun things there are to do here to make your vacation special.  Even the locals may find something new!   A lot of them enjoy their off days here.  I look forward to your visit.  If you can’t find me in my office chair, you’ll find me in my beach chair.


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TEL: 231-869-4150

ADDRESS: 324 S Hancock St. 
               Pentwater, MI  49449

EMAIL: travelinfo@pentwater.org

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